Why Sadio Mane will be a success at Bayern

Why Sadio Mane will be a success at Bayern

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Sadio Mane will be a success at Bayern

Having spent six successful seasons at Liverpool, Sadio Mane will start a new chapter in his football story with one of the club’s giants, Bayern Munich. As I discuss in this article, there are several factors that will determine whether Sadio Mane will be a success at Bayern.

The last five years of Mane’s career have seen him play second-best at Liverpool to his fellow African compatriot, who has been nothing but outstanding since his 42 million euros transfer from Roma in 2017.

Everyone would agree that Mane has been the most hardworking player of all of Liverpool’s front three but rarely get the praise he deserves due to his low goal/assist returns compared to Mohamed Salah. Every Red’s victory ends up with Salah on the headlines of top football news media.

Therefore, Leaving Liverpool seems to be the best option for the Senegalese who would be hoping to hit the ground running once the new Bundesliga season kicks off. And with Lewandoski looking set to head to La Liga’s giant, Barcelona, it looks right to expect nothing but success for Mane at the Allianz Arena.

So, what are the factors that will determine Mane’s success at Bayern? Would the 30 years old be able to light the Bundesliga? Or we should be expecting a PSG type of Lionel Messi(we all were expecting him to produce at least 50 goals in the 2021/2022 season)?

No one can accurately predict the future but using his performance over the last 10 seasons, we’d be able to come up with something that is more likely for Mane.

The nature of the league

The German league is considered to be a farmers’ league by football fans all over the world due to the fact that over the last 10, years, Bayern Munich has been the only side finishing as Bundesliga champions of the 18-teams league.

And with EPL flops like Sane, Gnabry, Schurel, Weiner, and Havertz being successful in the league, we should expect Mane to Ballon D’or stats this season for his new club. Based on the nature of the league, whether Sadio Mane will be a success at Bayern or not is not something we should bother ourselves with.

Teammates and Coach

With players like Muller, Gnabry, Sane, Alphonso Davies, Kimmich, Goretzka, Nuer, etc, head-to-head, Mane is walking into a team that is currently better than Liverpool. With top-level players in every position for Bayern, there is no way I can’t see Mane hitting 30 goals this season for Bayern.

Julian Nagelsmann, Bayern’s coach has worked with a player with similar attributes to Mane. If you can remember, you will know Timo Werner excelled under Nagelsmann, when both were at Leipzig. Both players aren’t good in the air and are pacing strikers who rather than run into spaces like traditional forwards, play better off a second striker.

I can see Nagelsmann deploying Muller to play second-striker to Mane this season in a similar setup the Bayern manager had when he was at Leipzig, playing Werner with either Poulsen or Schick.

At the moment, it seems he is the direct replacement for Lewandowski if we consider the fact that Mane played as a center forward for Liverpool in the 2021/2022 season. With 23 goals in his season at Liverpool in all competitions, it’s going to be a big joke if we expect Mane to produce Lewandowski-type of stats this season.

Mane’s football ability

Mane’s poor ability to hold on to the ball will affect his game at Bayern if he is deployed as a center forward. But because he is blessed to have teammates all over the pitch who understand direct football, I can see his chance-creating ability coming up as a major contribution for the Senegalese.

If he can improve his finishing and movement around the 18-yard box, there is no way Sadio Mane will not be a success at Bayern. At 30, he doesn’t need to adapt to the league. And coming from EPL, he is bound to achieve more recognition for his contribution to the beautiful game of football.


Mane will be a success at Bayern is more a statement from me than a question. From the support he has received so far, we should expect an energized Mane ready to terrorize the Bundesliga.

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