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UCL 2nd Leg: Inter vs AC Milan

Welcome to Unimke Abana’s analysis post where I delve into the highly anticipated second leg of the UEFA Champions League 2023 semi-final between Inter Milan and AC Milan. After a thrilling first leg at AC Milan’s home ground, where Inter emerged victorious with a 2-0 win, the stage is now set for an intense showdown at the iconic San Siro stadium in Milan.

The UEFA Champions League is renowned for its ability to produce incredible drama and captivating storylines. The semi-final stage is where the stakes are at their highest, as teams battle for a coveted spot in the final and the opportunity to etch their names into footballing history.

The Milan derby, known as the “Derby della Madonnina,” holds a unique place in football lore. The rivalry between Inter Milan and AC Milan is deeply rooted in the fabric of the city, as fans passionately divide themselves between the blue and black of Inter and the red and black of AC Milan. This clash of Milanese titans is not only a battle for supremacy within the city but also a showcase of Italian footballing excellence on the European stage.

In the first leg of this enthralling semi-final, Inter Milan demonstrated their prowess by securing a decisive 2-0 victory at their arch-rivals’ home ground. The Nerazzurri showcased their tactical astuteness, defensive solidity, and clinical finishing to gain a significant advantage heading into the second leg. On the other hand, AC Milan faced a setback but will be determined to mount a fierce comeback and overturn the deficit on their home turf.

The San Siro stadium, known as the Giuseppe Meazza, is no stranger to iconic moments in football history. It has witnessed countless battles between these fierce rivals, with the atmosphere reaching a fever pitch as passionate supporters fill the stands. As the second leg looms, anticipation and excitement are palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of this fascinating clash.

I will delve into a comprehensive match preview of the second leg between Inter Milan and AC Milan. We will analyze the team profiles of both sides, examining their recent form, key players, and tactical approaches. Additionally, we will delve into the head-to-head history between these fierce rivals, highlighting previous encounters and their outcomes.

Furthermore, we will explore the potential game-changing factors, tactical strategies, and expectations for this crucial encounter. Can AC Milan mount a remarkable comeback and overturn Inter’s advantage? Will Inter Milan maintain their stronghold and secure their place in the final? Would it be another Deportivo-AC Milan, Chelsea-Napoli, Roma-Barcelona, or Liverpool-Barcelona?

Join us as we embark on a journey into the heart of Milanese football, where passion, rivalry, and glory collide. The second leg promises to be a spectacle filled with high stakes, breathtaking moments, and the unwavering spirit of two proud clubs. Strap yourselves in for an unforgettable footballing experience at the San Siro as Inter Milan and AC Milan renew their age-old battle on the grand stage of the UEFA Champions League.

Team Views

Inter Milan

Inter Milan, led by manager Simone Inzaghi, has been a dominant force in both domestic and European competitions this season(sitting third in the Serie A league behind league winners, Napoli, and Juventus). With a strong and balanced squad, they have made their mark as one of the most formidable teams in the UEFA Champions League.

In terms of team news, Milan Skriniar and Dalbert are still sidelined, but Inter Milan will likely maintain continuity by naming the same XI that started the first leg against AC Milan. This consistency in selection reflects Inzaghi’s trust in his players and their ability to execute his tactical plans effectively.

Inter’s defensive line has been particularly impressive, exemplified by their recent record of keeping clean sheets in five of their last six matches against AC Milan in all competitions. The backline, marshaled by experienced defenders such as Stefan de Vrij and Alessandro Bastoni, provides stability and solidity to the team’s defensive efforts.

In attack, Inter boasts a lethal combination of talent and experience. Strikers Lautaro Martinez and Edin Dzeko have been instrumental in Inter’s success, displaying clinical finishing and a keen eye for goal. Martinez’s agility and dribbling prowess, combined with Dzeko’s physical presence and aerial ability, pose a constant threat to opposing defenses. Behind this strike force sits Henrikh Mkhitaryan, making Inter one of the few teams in today’s football world that plays with attacking midfielders. The major catalyst in their success story so far.

Moreover, the midfield engine of Inter Milan is powered by the talented Nicolo Barella and Hakan Calhanoglu. Known for their tenacity, passing range, and tireless work rate, both act as driving forces in the team’s transition from defense to attack. Their ability to dictate the tempo of the game and provide crucial assists makes them a vital cog in Inzaghi’s system.

AC Milan

AC Milan, under the guidance of their manager, faces an uphill battle in the second leg after a 2-0 defeat to their city rivals. Despite the setback, the Rossoneri have shown resilience throughout the competition and will be determined to mount a comeback on their home ground.

In terms of team news, AC Milan faces a nervous wait on the fitness of forward Rafael Leao, who remains a doubt for the crucial encounter. Meanwhile, Rade Krunic, Junior Messias, and Alessandro Florenzi will undergo assessments, but midfielder Ismael Bennacer and striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic have been ruled out.

AC Milan will need their attacking players, including star forward Olivier Giroud, to step up and produce moments of brilliance to break through Inter’s resolute defense. Giroud’s experience, physicality, and scoring instinct could prove pivotal in the Rossoneri’s quest for goals.

As the match facts reveal, AC Milan faces a daunting task against Inter Milan. They have struggled to find a breakthrough in recent encounters, with Inter winning their last three matches against their city rivals in all competitions. However, football is a game of surprises, and AC Milan will be eager to turn the tide in their favor.

Both teams boast exceptional talent and have the potential to make an impact in the second leg. The clash between Inter Milan and AC Milan promises to be a battle of contrasting styles and strategies, with each team vying for a place in the UEFA Champions League final.

Head-to-Head Analysis:

The illustrious rivalry between Inter Milan and AC Milan runs deep, etching countless memorable encounters in football history. As we delve into their head-to-head analysis, we gain valuable insights into their past performances and the dynamics of this fierce and storied competition.

In recent years, Inter Milan has held the upper hand in their clashes with AC Milan. Their defensive prowess has been particularly impressive, keeping a clean sheet in five out of their last six matches against their city rivals in all competitions. This defensive solidity has been a key factor in their quest for triumph.

Moreover, Inter Milan’s dominance is further exemplified by their impressive record of winning their last three encounters against AC Milan in all competitions. This consistency showcases their ability to rise to the occasion and effectively implement their game plan against their fierce rivals.

However, football’s unpredictable nature reminds us that past results do not guarantee future outcomes. AC Milan, despite facing an uphill battle in the second leg, will be motivated to turn the tides and make a resounding statement. The weight of history and the desire for redemption can ignite their determination to overcome the odds and emerge triumphant.

Crucial matchups on the field will significantly shape the outcome of the second leg. Inter Milan’s defensive line, marshaled by the likes of Stefan de Vrij and Alessandro Bastoni, faces the arduous task of containing AC Milan’s attacking maestros, most notably the big forward Olivier Giroud and flamboyant Rafael Leao. The physical battles, technical and tactical duels between these players will play a pivotal role in determining which team gains the upper hand.

In addition, the midfield battle will be a decisive factor in this clash of the Milanese giants. Inter Milan’s dynamic midfielder Nicolo Barella, with his box-to-box qualities and creative flair, will strive to dictate the tempo of the game and disrupt AC Milan’s rhythm. AC Milan, on the other hand, will heavily rely on the contributions of players like Sandro Tonali and Rade Krunic to provide control and drive from the middle of the park.

This head-to-head analysis serves as a poignant reminder that in such an intense and historic rivalry like the Derby della Madonnina, form, and statistics often take a back seat to the intangible elements of passion, determination, and individual brilliance. Both Inter Milan and AC Milan will step onto the hallowed turf with an insatiable hunger to secure a place in the UEFA Champions League final, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory. The stage is set for a battle that will be remembered for years to come.

Tactical Approaches:

In this highly anticipated second leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final between Inter Milan and AC Milan, tactical approaches will play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of the match. Both teams will employ strategic plans to exploit their strengths and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents. Let’s take a closer look at the tactical approaches of each team.

Under the guidance of manager Simone Inzaghi, Inter Milan has showcased a well-organized and disciplined style of play throughout the season. They prioritize defensive solidity while remaining lethal on the counterattack. Inzaghi is likely to maintain a similar approach in the second leg, considering the advantage they gained in the first leg.

Defensively, Inter Milan will rely on a compact and disciplined backline led by experienced defenders such as Stefan de Vrij and Francesco Acerbi. Their primary objective will be to nullify AC Milan’s attacking threats and maintain the defensive record they have established in recent encounters.

Offensively, Inter Milan will look to exploit the spaces left by an AC Milan team desperate for goals. They possess a potent forward line consisting of Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Lautaro Martinez, and Edin Dzeko, who are adept at capitalizing on counterattacks and exploiting defensive vulnerabilities. The pace and intelligent movement of their attacking players will be vital in catching AC Milan off guard and extending their lead.

In midfield, Inter Milan’s engine room is powered by the industrious Nicolo Barella, who will be entrusted with disrupting AC Milan’s rhythm and controlling the flow of the game. His ability to win back possession, provide incisive passes, and contribute defensively will be crucial in dictating the tempo and maintaining control in midfield.

AC Milan, led by their manager, S. Pioli, faces the daunting task of overturning a two-goal deficit in the second leg. They will need to adopt a more aggressive and attacking approach to mount a comeback against their city rivals.

Offensively, AC Milan will heavily rely on the experience and presence of Giroud. The towering striker possesses exceptional aerial ability, physicality, and a keen eye for goal. His ability to hold up the ball, create space, and finish with precision will be vital in breaching Inter Milan’s resolute defense.

In midfield, AC Milan will look to players like Tonali and Krunic to provide creativity, drive, and control. Krunic’s box-to-box capabilities and defensive contributions will be instrumental in breaking up Inter Milan’s attacks and initiating quick transitions. Brahim Díaz‘s vision and playmaking ability will be crucial in unlocking Inter Milan’s defense and creating scoring opportunities.

Defensively, AC Milan will need to strike a balance between being solid at the back and committing numbers forward. They must remain cautious of Inter Milan’s potent counterattacks while taking calculated risks to push for goals. The defensive partnership of Simon Kjaer and Fikayo Tomori will be pivotal in containing Inter Milan’s attacking threats and limiting their opportunities on goal.

Inter Milan is expected to maintain their defensive solidity while looking to exploit AC Milan’s desperation to score. AC Milan, on the other hand, will adopt a more attacking mindset, aiming to break down Inter Milan’s defense and mount a comeback. The tactical approaches employed by both teams will ultimately determine the ebb and flow of the match and could lead to intriguing battles across the field.


In the end, making precise predictions in such high-stakes matches is a challenging task. The beauty of football lies in its unpredictability, and the outcome will ultimately depend on the performances on the day. Fans can anticipate a captivating and closely contested match between Inter Milan and AC Milan, where every moment will matter and the outcome will be etched in history.

My prediction for this game is a 2-1 win for AC Milan. Edin Dzeko and Giroud would find the back of the net in this game. The odds for a 2-1 correct score on Bet9ja is 9.5. If you need the booking for this pick, “3VXHRT9” is the booking code for Bet9ja bettors. You could also try a 3-1 win correct which has 18 odds in favor for Inter to win. The booking code is 3VXHW6H.


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